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Hi I am Piet Steenkamp. My experience ranges from being a full time as well as a part time pastor (40years experience) , through experience as a full time chaplain in the SANDF (10 years) to being a Specialist: Talent Management in Telkom (15 years) The time that I served in the Defence Force (Air Force) and Telkom, I remained a part time pastor in the Hervormde Kerk (One of the three Afrikaans speaking mainline Churches).

During all during all my years I was intensely involved with people in their emotional, relationship and spiritual pain and uncertainty through counselling. This has groomed me for the role as a Neurocoach, which I am currently involved in.

During the years I studied and acquired the following qualifications: Bachelor of Arts; Bachelors of Divinity; Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Human Resource Development; Master in Philosophy (Human Resource Development; Doctorate (PhD) in Organisational Behaviour. Further development include: Marriage and Family Guidance and Counselling (UNISA and FAMSA), as well as a competency in Organisational Development through Louw du Toit an Associates (International). And lately being trained as a Neurocoach. Al of the above has groomed me for the new role that I am taking on as a Coach.

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